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In the ever-changing world of interior design, experts are always eager to predict the trends that a new year will bring. If you’re trying to sell your home, adopting some of the latest styles may help you quickly update your home’s aesthetic and capture the attention of even the most style-conscious buyers. Here are a few top trends that experts expect will be popular in 2020:

Softer colors in the kitchen. For the past several years, kitchens with an all-white color scheme have been popular due to their versatility and clean aesthetic. However, designers believe that homeowners are starting to embrace softer hues—such as light blues and grays—as well as wooden countertops, range hoods, and other elements as a way to add warmth.

Spa-like bathrooms. Increasingly, homeowners are treating their bathrooms as at-home wellness retreats conducive to relaxation and self-care. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to create a spa-like vibe in your bathroom without undertaking a costly renovation. A few strategies include adding houseplants for a lush appearance, setting out some thick towels or bathrobes, and purchasing a bathtub tray to instantly create a sense of luxury.

Dazzling dining rooms. In our fast-paced society, many people have eschewed formal dining rooms in favor of eating in the kitchen, living room, or on the go. However, designers are beginning to see formal dining rooms make a comeback. In 2020, they anticipate that homeowners will take their dining rooms to the next level with bold colors and eye-catching artwork and chandeliers.

Elements of nature. While “bringing the outdoors in” is hardly new this year, homeowners are continuing to find creative ways to use natural elements to add warmth and vitality to their homes. For example, designers expect that wooden furniture and accents, floor coverings made from natural materials (such as jute rugs), houseplants, and furniture with organic shapes will be popular in 2020.


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